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Leading Points
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1 Mathieu Roy 89
2 Michael Forney 79
3 Jacob Cepis 76
Leading GAA
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1 Ryan Zapolski 1.64
2 Gerald Coleman 2.17
3 Mark Guggenberger 2.23
 18Casey Pierro-ZabotelF66225375+1930621.140.45170
 71Justin Bowers (total) click to view the entire list for Justin BowersF69184260-1033700.870.48192
*14Doug JonesF61222850+1724320.820.39219
*4Sacha Guimond (total) click to view the entire list for Sacha GuimondD58123749-126900.840.45163
*10Evan BloodoffF52201838+1141230.730.79164
 41Andy BrandtF72132134+336110.470.50150
 27Joey HaddadF44191433080510.751.82114
*22Alex BelzileF40102030+1236300.750.9092
 9Ryan Ginand (total) click to view the entire list for Ryan GinandLW3571825-822010.710.63159
 11Tyler MurovichF4291423-560300.551.4381
Not active on this team12Rylan GaliardiF39111021+159500.541.5177
 17Ryan DonaldD6241721-1114000.341.8487
*7Scott ArnoldF3281220+220100.620.6286
 25Cody BrookwellD6861218+1456000.260.8277
 21Dallas JacksonD317815-434400.481.1095
 3Corey FienhageD6521315+1844000.230.6868
*29Yuri BouharevichF3031013+416000.430.5347
Not active on this team9Christian OuelletF318412-414200.390.4560
Not active on this team16Chris ClacksonF236612+566100.522.8770
 7Kyle LawsonD2321012+38100.520.3524
*20Justin WellerD652911+743000.170.6676
 16Russ Sinkewich (total) click to view the entire list for Russ SinkewichD34369+1131000.260.9163
*23Jason ClarkF24279-936100.381.5049
Not active on this team34Cody CarlsonD18268042100.442.3341
 29Tony LuciaF19257-16000.370.3253
 24John ScrymgeourF42246-1942000.141.0056
Not active on this team6Nick WalshF20415-34000.250.2012
*2Sean DuddyD11044-14000.360.3610
 12Jon AweD8213+14100.380.5028
*8Marcel Alvarez (total) click to view the entire list for Marcel AlvarezD1812304000.170.2210
*37Louis DomingueG34033016000.090.470
 2Tristin LlewellynD27112-222000.070.8150
 22Kale KerbashianF210102000.501.006
*8Brad NunnD9011-27000.110.787
*1Jody O'Neill (total) click to view the entire list for Jody OG10011016000.101.600
*8Maxime VillemaireF15011-443000.072.8713
*30Mike LeeG2801108000.040.290
Not active on this team6Brian ElserF100000000.000.001
*33Mark VisentinG100000000.000.000
Not active on this team1Ryan ZapolskiG200000000.000.000
Not active on this team8Drew BakerD3000+110000.003.330
*34Domenic MonardoF3000-32000.000.676
Not active on this team1Nick NiedertG400000000.000.000
* indicates Rookie