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Leading Points
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1 Mathieu Roy 89
2 Michael Forney 79
3 Jacob Cepis 76
Leading GAA
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1 Ryan Zapolski 1.64
2 Gerald Coleman 2.17
3 Mark Guggenberger 2.23
 25Jacob Cepis (total) click to view the entire list for Jacob CepisF66255176-1091701.151.38233
 14Stephen SchultzF55272754-8261800.980.47223
 11Andy BohmbachF50212748-13461130.960.92112
 20Blake KesselD5483341-734200.760.63110
 9Mike Ullrich (total) click to view the entire list for Mike UllrichF31161834+930001.100.9782
 22Bryan HaczykF50171330-813900.600.26142
*15Marcel NoebelsF31111930-714500.970.4577
 17Kory NagyF63102030-1134010.480.54136
 15Shane HarperF15141327+32611.800.1356
*13Jacob DrewiskeF48111122-1653120.461.1078
*32Jesse Todd (total) click to view the entire list for Jesse ToddF4271118-1814000.430.3391
*5Derrick PallisD3831417-118200.450.2159
*28Kelly ZajacC1561016-38001.070.5329
 27Tyler HostetterD3801616-1137000.420.9732
*6Connor GogginD627714-1053000.230.85120
 7Eric BaierD5631013+218000.230.32106
 16J.S. BerubeF135611-326000.852.0044
*21Andrew JohnstonC183811-138100.610.4438
*8Paul Cianfrini (total) click to view the entire list for Paul CianfriniD5501111-631000.200.5638
*24Ian SlaterF317310+177100.322.4859
Not active on this team9Justin TaylorC234610056010.432.4337
 18Jason AkesonF142810-57100.710.5042
*12Doug Clarkson (total) click to view the entire list for Doug  ClarksonF30448-441000.271.3739
 3Ray DiLauroD19257-414100.370.7432
Not active on this team12Andrew ConboyF20167-6101000.355.0530
Not active on this team10Ryan HayesF12336-72100.500.1731
Not active on this team5Ryan GrimshawD23336-24000.260.1728
*26Alexandre CarrierF47156-13102000.132.1746
*29Matt MangeneF14066-1123000.431.6425
 16Phil DeSimoneC3325+12101.670.6713
Not active on this team32Mitch VersteegD11145013000.451.1813
 10Chad LanglaisD9055+16000.560.677
*15Brad Peltz (total) click to view the entire list for Brad PeltzF13224+215000.311.157
 3Marvin DegonD23134-64100.170.1735
*18Corey Tamblyn (total) click to view the entire list for Corey TamblynF25044-1012000.160.4835
Not active on this team8Luke PitherF11213-412010.271.0923
Not active on this team32Marcel AlvarezD1512304000.200.278
 9Chris McKelvieF2112+12001.001.005
 10David LaliberteF5112-52000.400.4017
Not active on this team10Kevin M. BakerF13112-104000.150.3125
*4Brendan RempelD5022+48000.401.602
 16Kelsey Wilson (total) click to view the entire list for Kelsey WilsonLW13022-880000.156.1516
*33Aaron SchmitD23022-841000.091.789
*9Drew AkinsF1101+10011.000.002
*28Pier-Olivier MorinF5101-46100.201.203
*29Adam HartleyF4011+32000.250.503
*8Matt KonanD5011-32000.200.4010
 4Mike BanwellD10011-210000.101.0013
*1Scott WedgewoodG4801102000.020.040
*28Chris ZairesF200002000.001.003
*10Zach HervatoF3000-15000.001.674
Not active on this team29Harry YoungF4000+35000.001.256
Not active on this team15Paul LeeF5000-315000.003.005
Not active on this team3Gentry ZollarsD5000-27000.001.401
*30Cal HeeterG8000014000.001.750
*35Brooks Ostergard (total) click to view the entire list for Brooks OstergardG800002000.000.250
*30Niko HovinenG1600000000.000.000
* indicates Rookie