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Leading Points
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1 Mathieu Roy 89
2 Michael Forney 79
3 Jacob Cepis 76
Leading GAA
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1 Ryan Zapolski 1.64
2 Gerald Coleman 2.17
3 Mark Guggenberger 2.23
 7Mitch WahlC45194059-151151001.312.56172
 19Colin VockF64292756+330510.880.47162
 18Adam EstocletC4493039-1018210.890.41193
Not active on this team12Bryan CameronRW47152338-734800.810.72149
 91Riley ArmstrongF38162137-17120720.973.16132
 74Nick TuzzolinoD4453136-9160200.823.64114
 16Brad MillsF27152035-2116601.304.3097
Not active on this team37Kory FaliteF59112132-444410.540.75155
 14David Toews (total) click to view the entire list for David ToewsF59111930-428210.510.4796
*37Jordan Clendenning (total) click to view the entire list for Jordan ClendenningF6992130-4138000.432.00112
 15Gaelan PattersonF6462127-2231400.420.48105
*24Cody Carlson (total) click to view the entire list for Cody  CarlsonD5351924+3102100.451.92103
Not active on this team24Mark IsherwoodD3751722-2559300.591.5962
 8Jimmy Martin (total) click to view the entire list for Jimmy MartinD6661521-623200.320.35121
*27Berkley ScottF3912517-1035200.440.9081
*12Alex Tuckerman (total) click to view the entire list for Alex TuckermanF5561117-735000.310.64106
*22David EddyF3251116-1561310.501.9163
Not active on this team14Ian SchultzF277815-2139400.565.1542
 21Tommy MaxwellF5051015-15227000.304.5492
*6Drew MacKenzieD255914026200.561.0439
 42Evan StofletD6831114-1582000.211.2194
 4James MartinD4431013-354100.301.2358
 23Chris DonovanF335510-831000.300.9466
 22Trevor LewisF636904101.500.6725
*16Ryan HowseLW20279-712100.450.6053
 22Paul McIlveenF9538014110.891.5635
*11Sebastien Trudeau (total) click to view the entire list for Sebastien TrudeauF27268-1510000.300.3743
 5Josh BurrowsD29347-263100.242.1732
*14Jonathan Lessard (total) click to view the entire list for Jonathan LessardRW31167-626000.230.8444
*20T.J. BattaniF33325-495000.152.8849
*6Martin Lee (total) click to view the entire list for Martin LeeD29055-733000.171.1421
 3Trevor GlassD22224-117000.180.7727
 8Ryan WatsonF5213-42100.600.4014
*16Darren RoweD3123+30001.000.003
*11Brent GwidtF5112+20000.400.0012
Not active on this team11Tyler MaxwellF10112-32100.200.2019
*18Evan VossenLW2101-20000.500.002
 22Mike AdamekF3011-22000.330.670
*27Michael FerlandF3011-25000.331.675
 72Andrew EngelageG1701100000.060.000
 3Derek Matheson (total) click to view the entire list for Derek MathesonD20011-42000.050.1016
*72Adam Morrison (total) click to view the entire list for Adam MorrisonG2401102000.040.080
Not active on this team18Jacques LamoureuxF100000000.000.000
Not active on this team18Chris HigginsC2000+12000.001.005
 35Ryan DonovanG400000000.000.000
*16Taylor CarnevaleC5000-30000.000.003
*30Ben MeisnerG800002000.000.250
*35Shawn Hunwick (total) click to view the entire list for Shawn HunwickG1100000000.000.000
 35Shane OwenG1500000000.000.000
Not active on this team30Grant RollheiserG1900000000.000.000
* indicates Rookie