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Leading Points
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1 Brandon Marino 88
2 Peter Sivak 83
3 Mickey Lang 77
Leading GAA
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1 Laurent Brossoit 2.01
2 Igor Bobkov 2.04
3 Michael Hutchinson 2.08
 9Mickey Lang (total) click to view the entire list for Mickey LangF61443377+7431621.260.70227
 17Jacob CepisF48203656+747201.170.98140
*10Taylor MatsonF39182543+1327411.100.6999
 22Zach HarrisonF72152338-442100.530.58176
 20Blake Kessel (total) click to view the entire list for Blake KesselD4782836-828300.770.60108
 12Mike UllrichF42102535-215300.830.36100
 8C.J. SeverynF43112334+9100200.792.3392
 11Tyler MurovichF60181230-164100.501.07129
 6Cody WildD5242630+526100.580.50131
 13Scott TanskiF63171229+138210.460.60114
*4Bryce AneloskiD5991928+1527200.470.46111
 7Eric BaierD5691322+127110.390.4888
*25Michael CatenacciF3251722+916000.690.5052
 27Andrew JohnstonF5041519042010.380.8487
 21Connor Goggin (total) click to view the entire list for Connor GogginD5381018+440100.340.7588
 3Corey FienhageD6321517-345000.270.7145
 14Ian SlaterF5141014-4155100.273.0485
*24J.T. Barnett (total) click to view the entire list for J.T. BarnettF3731114-131000.380.8467
 16Kory NagyF364913-927010.360.7569
*19Zachary YuenD4811112+930000.250.6250
 9David RutherfordF21639-732100.431.5248
 18Wade MacLeodF14538-112300.570.8660
 23Jake Hauswirth (total) click to view the entire list for Jake HauswirthF34538020000.240.5960
 26Mike DucoF19437-1330200.371.5833
 18Francis Verreault-PaulF13347+151000.543.9238
 5Cameron Abney (total) click to view the entire list for Cameron AbneyF37257+5109000.192.9524
Not active on this team10Jacob LagaceF26246-525100.230.9654
*2Colton JobkeD47246-1474000.131.5739
 5Brad RossF6101-20100.170.0013
 5Paul BaierD12101-320000.081.678
 24Dylan YeoD4011+22000.250.508
Not active on this team20Mathew SiscaF7011-24000.140.577
 35John CurryG1301100000.080.000
 35Cody Reichard (total) click to view the entire list for Cody ReichardG3101102000.030.060
 30Tyler Beskorowany (total) click to view the entire list for Tyler BeskorowanyG3401102000.030.060
Not active on this team23Myles HarveyD100005000.005.000
*30Micah PerlettiG100000000.000.000
*30Ross MacKinnonG200000000.000.000
*28Evan RenwickD2000+10000.000.000
Not active on this team26Matt RidleyD2000-20000.000.001
 24Josh CaronF3000-15000.001.670
 24Trevor GilliesF5000-321000.004.201
 Brooks Ostergard (total) click to view the entire list for Brooks OstergardG500000000.000.000
*31Garret SparksG1000000000.000.000
*31Christopher GibsonG2000000000.000.000
 30Maxime Clermont (total) click to view the entire list for Maxime ClermontG2700000000.000.000
* indicates Rookie