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Leading Points
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1 Mathieu Roy 89
2 Michael Forney 79
3 Jacob Cepis 76
Leading GAA
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1 Ryan Zapolski 1.64
2 Gerald Coleman 2.17
3 Mark Guggenberger 2.23
 91Peter SivakRW64332356-1128900.880.44266
*45Dean OuelletC66242852-2375900.791.14159
 22Bryan Cameron (total) click to view the entire list for Bryan CameronRW64202747-12421000.730.66192
 7Tristan King (total) click to view the entire list for Tristan  KingF52222345+136700.870.69127
 9Jordan MorrisonF70162541-1238400.590.54170
 14Kory Falite (total) click to view the entire list for Kory FaliteF71132639-456410.550.79185
*26Christian Ouellet (total) click to view the entire list for Christian OuelletF66172037-346420.560.70136
 17Rob Kwiet (total) click to view the entire list for Rob KwietD64102737-564600.581.00148
Not active on this team41Justin BowersC3782129-1717400.780.4686
Not active on this team44Sacha GuimondD3371825-322500.760.6771
 42Mark Isherwood (total) click to view the entire list for Mark IsherwoodD4961925-3191300.511.8672
*43Kris BelanLW5881321-1141010.362.43100
 55Marek ViedenskyLW2081119+322300.951.1059
Not active on this team49Jordan ClendenningC5641519-12110000.341.9676
Not active on this team18Alex TuckermanF375914+129000.380.7876
*19Daniil TarasovRW1731114+25000.820.2948
*23Andrew CrescenziC2331114+128100.611.2241
Not active on this team44Cody CarlsonD223912+242000.551.9150
*2Mikael TamD373912-675100.322.0367
 24Scott LangdonD6711112+6150000.182.2456
 25Simon Danis-Pepin (total) click to view the entire list for Simon Danis-PepinD654711-1365000.171.0079
*47Dylan KingD692911-1399100.161.4345
*28Daultan Leveille (total) click to view the entire list for Daultan LeveilleC316410-46100.320.1963
*18Yanni GourdeLW84610+19011.251.1225
*27Nick Walsh (total) click to view the entire list for Nick WalshF31549-38000.290.2632
Not active on this team10Kevin M. BakerC11426-30000.550.0021
Not active on this team19Chris LawrenceC6235-510100.831.679
Not active on this team89Evan BarlowF9235-98100.560.8920
*4William Lacasse (total) click to view the entire list for William LacasseD26235+522000.190.8531
 10Tommy GrantLW5145+219001.003.8016
Not active on this team10Sebastien TrudeauF20145-116000.250.3036
Not active on this team14Jonathan LessardRW23145-424000.221.0430
Not active on this team22Rylan GaliardiF5134-27100.801.4012
*23Nick CzinderRW6213+10000.500.008
Not active on this team17Matt CarterLW10213-72000.300.2014
Not active on this team26Thomas BeauregardRW5123-20100.600.0014
Not active on this team11Keaton TurkiewiczRW2033+30001.500.003
*44Brett FindlayLW603304000.500.6710
Not active on this team26Kelsey WilsonLW8022-742000.255.256
Not active on this team6Joe SovaD25022-1422000.080.8828
 32Hans BensonLW32022-475000.062.3419
 33Thomas HeemskerkG3802202000.050.050
 7Torrey MitchellC210100000.500.007
*6Antoine CorbinD6101-418100.173.0012
*11Jamie DevaneLW12101-545000.083.7514
Not active on this team27Jesse ToddF3011-60000.330.006
Not active on this team7Trevor HendrikxD8011-14000.120.5014
*29Taylor NelsonG4101100000.020.001
*8Andrew HamburgF100000000.000.000
*35Travis FullertonG200000000.000.000
Not active on this team4Sean Whitney D2000+12000.001.003
Not active on this team8Colin ReddinC3000-10000.000.001
Not active on this team3Joe TollesD300000000.000.003
 42Theo PeckhamD4000-211000.002.755
*30Bryan Hince (total) click to view the entire list for Bryan HinceG500000000.000.000
Not active on this team4Martin LeeD8000-57000.000.883
 22Chris FrankD9000-717000.001.896
* indicates Rookie