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Date Player Team Transaction
10/18/2014 Scott Valentine (D) Idaho ADD Signed to SPC
10/18/2014 Dillon Fournier (D) Indy ADD Reassigned by Chicago (NHL) from Rockford (AHL)
10/18/2014 Jared Coreau (G) Toledo DEL Reassigned by Detroit (NHL) to Grand Rapids (AHL)
10/18/2014 Peter Mannino (G) Toledo ADD Signed to SPC
10/17/2014 Aaron Crandall (G) Bakersfield ADD Signed to SPC
10/17/2014 Joe Howe (G) Fort Wayne ADD Signed to SPC
10/17/2014 Mitchell Heard (F) Fort Wayne ADD Reassigned by Colorado (NHL) from Lake Erie (AHL)
10/17/2014 Maxime Lagace (G) Idaho DEL Reassigned by Dallas (NHL) to Texas (AHL)
10/17/2014 Kane Lafranchise (D) Kalamazoo ADD Loaned from Utica (AHL)
10/17/2014 Nathan Longpre (F) Kalamazoo ADD Loaned from Chicago (AHL)
10/17/2014 Blake Kessel (D) Orlando Added
10/17/2014 Brad Ross (F) Orlando Added
10/17/2014 Eric Knodel (D) Orlando Added
10/17/2014 Garret Sparks (G) Orlando Added
10/17/2014 Gleason Fournier (D) Orlando Added
10/17/2014 Ryan Rupert (F) Orlando Added
10/17/2014 Tyler Biggs (F) Orlando Added
10/17/2014 Andrew Johnston (F) Reading DEL Reassigned by Philadelphia (NHL) to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
10/17/2014 Colby Cohen (D) Reading Added
10/17/2014 Pat Mullane (F) Reading Added
10/17/2014 Andrew Ammon (F) South Carolina Added
10/17/2014 Ben Blood (D) Wheeling Added
10/17/2014 Brendan Rempel (D) Wheeling DEL Released from SPC
10/17/2014 Sahir Gill (F) Wheeling Added
10/16/2014 Brad Gorham (D) Alaska Added