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ECHL Transactions - Feb. 20

Saturday, February 20th
ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, February 20, 2021: 

Florida:​​Delete​ Ben Masella, D​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/13) [2/19]

Indy:​Add​ Keoni Texeira, D​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Anthony Wyse, D​ placed on reserve

Delete​ Connor McDonald, D​ traded to Utah (currently loaned to Cleveland) 

Delete​ Spencer Watson, F​placed on reserve [2/19]

Jacksonville:​Add​ Biagio Lerario, F​assigned by Manitoba 

​Add​ Brandon Gignac, F​ assigned by Binghamton 

​Add ​Keeghan Howdeshell, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Jared VanWormer, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Biagio Lerario, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Brandon Gignac, F​ placed on Commissioner’s Exempt List

Add​ Jacob Cederholm, D​ activated from reserve [2/19]

​Add​ Craig Martin, F​ ​activated from reserve [2/19]

​Delete​ Trevor Gorsuch, G​ placed on reserve [2/19]

South Carolina:​Add​ Jesse Lees, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Jade Miller, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Matt Weis, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Cole Fraser, D​ placed on reserve

Tulsa:​Add​ Kyle Jenkins, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Stephan Beauvais, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Conlan Keenan, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Tyler Kobryn, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ J.C. Brassard, D​ placed on reserve

​Delete ​Austin McEneny, D​ placed on reserve

Utah:​Add​ Kevin Carr, G​ assigned by Colorado (AHL) 

​Add​ Ty Lewis, F​assigned from Colorado (AHL) by Colorado (NHL) 

​Add​ Nick Henry, F​assigned from Colorado (AHL) by Colorado (NHL) 

​Add​ Miles Gendron, D​returned from loan to Colorado (AHL) 

​Add​ Brandon Fehd, D​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Alex Lepkowski, D​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Ryker Killins, D​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Pat Cannone, F​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/7)

​Delete​ Jared Pike, F​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/20)

Delete​ Diego Cuglietta, F​ traded to Indy

Wheeling:​Add​ Derek Topatigh, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Kyle Marino, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Jacob Hayhurst, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Shane Kuzmeski, D​ placed on reserve

Wichita:​Add​ Sean Allen, D​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Delete​ Jacob Graves, D​ placed on reserve

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