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ECHL Transactions - April 16

Friday, April 16th
ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, April 16, 2021:

CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):


Trevor Gorsuch, G



Add        Jordan Sambrook, D          activated from reserve

Add        Tommy Marchin, F            activated from reserve

Delete    Michael Downing, D         placed on reserve

Delete    Luke Nogard, F                  placed on reserve

Fort Wayne:      

Add        Robbie Beydoun, G           signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Nolan LaPorte, F               activated from Injured Reserve

Add        Louis-Philippe Guindon, G              activated from reserve

Add        Marcus McIvor, D             activated from reserve

Add        Morgan Adams-Moisan, F               activated from reserve

Delete    Matt Murphy, D                 placed on reserve

Delete    Oliver Cooper, F                placed on reserve

Delete    Shawn Szydlowski, F        placed on reserve

Delete    Dylan Ferguson, G             placed on Injured Reserve (effective 4/12)

Delete    Larkin Saalfrank, G           released as EBUG


Delete    Conner Bleackley, F          suspended by team

Delete    Spencer Watson, F             placed on Injured Reserve (effective 4/15)

Delete    Diego Cuglietta, F             loaned to Chicago (AHL)

Kansas City:      

Add        Noah Delmas, D                 activated from reserve

Delete    Marcus Crawford, D          placed on reserve


Add        Nolan Valleau, D               activated from reserve

Delete    Luke McInnis, D                placed on reserve

Add        Luke McInnis, D                activated from reserve [4/15]

Delete    Nolan Valleau, D               placed on reserve [4/15]

Rapid City:        

Add        Charles Curti, D                 activated from reserve

Delete    Kevin Spinozzi, D             placed on reserve

South Carolina: 

Add        Sean Romeo, G                  signed contract, added to active roster

Add        Jordan Klimek, D                             activated from reserve

Add        Yannick Turcotte, F           activated from reserve

Delete    Max Novak, F                    placed on reserve

Delete    Alex Dubeau, G                 placed on reserve

Delete    Tyler Nanne, D                  placed on reserve


Add        Garret Cockerill, D            activated from reserve

Delete    Austin McEneny, D           placed on reserve


Add        Miles Gendron, D              returned from loan to Colorado (AHL)

Delete    Brandon Fehd, D                placed on reserve


Add        Adam Smith, D                  activated from reserve

Add        Brad Drobot, F                   activated from reserve

Delete    Jesse Lees, D                     placed on reserve

Delete    Aaron Thow, D                  placed on reserve


Add        Austin McIlmurray, F        activated from reserve

Delete    Garrett Schmitz, D             placed on reserve

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