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ECHL Transactions - Feb. 25

Saturday, February 25th
ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, February 25, 2023:

CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):


Mike Eskra, D



Add​ Sebastian Vidmar, F​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Wayne Letourneau, D​ activated from reserve


​Add​ Jared Bethune, D​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Justin Young, F​ placed on reserve


​Add​ Brett Epp, G​ added as EBUG


Add​ Robert Calisti, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Xavier Pouliot, D​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Xavier Cormier, F​ recalled by Charlotte

​Delete​ Oliver Chau, F​ loaned to Charlotte

Fort Wayne:

​Add​ Joe Masonius, D​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Scott Allan, D​ placed on reserve


Add​ Ty Pelton-Byce, F​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Remi Poirier, G​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Josh Boyko, G​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Zach Walker, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ William Knierim, F​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/18)


Add​ Anthony Florentino, D​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Leif Mattson, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Ole Julian Bjorgvik-Holm, D​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Coale Norris, F​ placed on reserve

Kansas City:

​Add​ Jordan Bustard, G​ added as EBUG


​Add​ D.J. King, D​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Callum Fryer, D​ placed on reserve


Add​ Ted McGeen, F​ signed contract, added to active roster

​Delete​ Brett Boeing, F​ placed on reserve


Add​ Peter DiLiberatore, D​ assigned from Henderson by Vegas 

​​Add​ Daniel D’Amato, F​ assigned by Henderson

​Delete​ Vincent Marleau, F​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/12)


Add​ Kirill Tyutyayev, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Sam Craggs, F​ placed on reserve


Add​ Andrew Jarvis, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Ethan Stewart, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Alex Kromm, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Mike McKee, D​ placed on reserve


Add​ Louie Roehl, D​ activated from reserve 

​Delete​ Felix Pare, F​ placed on reserve

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