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ECHL Transactions - April 15

Saturday, April 15th
ECHL transactions text with today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, April 15, 2023:


Add​ Colin Long, F activated from reserve

​Delete​ Brandon Schultz, F​ placed on reserve


Add​ Billy Constantinou, D ​activated from reserve

​Delete ​Eric Neiley, F ​placed on reserve


Add ​Zach Berzolla, D ​activated from reserve

​Add​ Brandon Yeamans, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Louie Caporusso, F​p laced on reserve

​Delete ​Josh Passolt, F ​recalled by Rochester 


​Add​ Nolan Kneen, D ​activated from reserve

​Delete ​Levko Koper, F​ placed on reserve

Fort Wayne:​

Add ​Scott Allan, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Andy Willis, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Stefano Giliati, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Matt Boudens, F​ placed on reserve


Add​ Jack Becker, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete ​Zane Franklin, F​ placed on reserve


Add​ Cam Bakker, D ​activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Cam Gray, G​ activated from reserve

​Delete ​Mitchell Weeks, G ​placed on reserve

​Delete​ Chase Lang, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Ross MacDougall, D ​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 4/2)

Kansas City:​

Add​Luke Santerno, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Mathieu Foget, F​placed on reserve


​Add ​Fedor Gordeev, D ​activated from reserve

​Delete​ Cameron Askew, F​ placed on reserve


Add ​Tommy Miller, D ​assigned by Toronto (AHL) 

​Delete​ Matteo Pietroniro, D​ recalled by Toronto (AHL) 

Rapid City:

​Add​ Weiland Parrish, F ​activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Jason Horvath, D​ activated from reserve

​Add​ Brett Gravelle, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete ​Charles Martin, F ​placed on reserve

​Delete​ Ilya Nikolayev, F​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Rory Kerins, F ​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 4/15)

South Carolina:​

Add​ Garin Bjorklund, G​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Martin Has, D ​activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Justin Florek, F ​activated from reserve

​Delete​ Connor Hall, D ​placed on reserve

​Delete​ Tyler Wall, G​ placed on reserve

​Delete​ Josh Wilkins, F​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 4/8)

​Delete​ Chase Stewart, D​ placed on Injured Reserve (effective 4/15)


Add​ Conlan Keenan, F​ activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​ Patrick McGrath, F ​activated from reserve

​Add ​Joseph Nardi, F ​activated from reserve

​Delete​ T.J. Hensick, F ​placed on reserve

​Delete​ Mitchell Heard, F​ placed on reserve


Add​ Alex Kromm, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Michael Farren, F​ placed on reserve


Add​ Connor McDonald, D ​activated from reserve

​Delete​ Kyle Mayhew, D​ loaned to Colorado (AHL) 


​Add​ Bobby Hampton, F​ activated from reserve

​Delete​ Wyllum Deveaux, F ​placed on reserve

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