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ECHL Transactions - Oct. 26

Thursday, October 26th
ECHL Transactions text with Bellevue University logo and today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Thursday, October 26, 2023:
CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):
Andrew Durham, F
Dmitri Yushkevich, D
Add        Spencer Asuchak, F            activated from reserve
Add        Colton Hargrove, F             activated from reserve
Delete     Chase Perry, G                     placed on reserve
Delete     Jordan-Ty Fournier, F         placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/22)
Add        Jake Gaudet, F                      assigned by Cleveland
Add        Roman Ahcan, F                  assigned by Cleveland
Add        Ole Julian Bjorgvik-Holm, D            assigned from Cleveland by Columbus
Delete     James Hardie, F                   placed on reserve
Add        David Cotton, F                   activated from reserve
Delete     Tommy Apap, F                   placed on reserve
Add        Wyatte Wylie, D                  assigned by Ontario
Delete     Tyler Inamoto, D                 placed on Injured Reserve (effective 10/22)
Add        Drew DeRidder, G               activated from reserve
Delete     Pavel Novak, F                     recalled to Iowa (AHL) by Minnesota
Add        Justin Taylor, F                    activated from reserve
Delete     Kurt Gosselin, D                  placed on reserve
Delete     Ty Glover, F                         recalled to Abbotsford by Vancouver
Add        James Melindy, D                signed contract, added to active roster
Add        Nolan Dillingham, D           activated from reserve
Delete     Daniel Cadigan, D               placed on reserve
Delete     James Melindy, D                placed on reserve
Delete     Mason Millman, D              recalled to Lehigh Valley by Philadelphia
Add        Vincent Marleau, F             activated from reserve
Delete     Alex Swetlikoff, F               recalled by Henderson
Add        Darian Pilon, F                     activated from reserve
Delete     Patrick McGrath, F              placed on reserve
Add        Ethan Frisch, D                    assigned by San Jose (AHL) (a.m.)
Add        Artem Guryev, D                 assigned from San Jose (AHL) by San Jose (NHL)
Delete     Ethan Roswell, D                 placed on reserve
Delete     Dillon Boucher, F                placed on reserve
Delete     Matthew Sredl, D                traded to Allen [10/25]

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