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ECHL Transactions - Dec. 23

Saturday, December 23rd
ECHL transactions text with Bellevue University logo and today's date

MORE INFORMATION: Joe Babik, Senior PR/Historical Specialist, (609) 212-1225

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, December 23, 2023:
CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):
Matthew Sredl, D
Jake Schultz, D

Add        Nicholas Blachman, F        activated from reserve
Delete     Devon Becker, D                 placed on reserve
Add        Chase Perry, G                     activated from reserve
Delete     Leevi Merilainen, G            placed on reserve
Add        Nolan Burke, F                     activated from Injured Reserve
Add        Dylan Vander Esch, F         activated from reserve
Delete     Luke Prokop, D                    placed on reserve
Delete     Michael Marchesan, F        placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/21)
Add        Talyn Boyko, G                   activated from Injured Reserve
Delete     Spencer Taylor, G               released as EBUG
Add        Wilmer Skoog, F                 assigned by Charlotte
Add        Mark Senden, F                    assigned by Charlotte
Delete     Aidan Sutter, D                    placed on reserve
Delete     Shane Kuzmeski, D             placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/21)
Fort Wayne:        
Add        Brett Brochu, G                    activated from reserve
Delete     Francois Brassard, G           placed on reserve
Add        Max Martin, D                     assigned by Ontario
Delete     Bobby Russell, D                 placed on reserve
Add        Cooper Jones, D                   activated from reserve
Delete     Ben Zloty, D                         placed on reserve
Add        Gavin Hain, F                       returned from loan to Iowa (AHL)
Delete     Pavel Novak, F                     placed on reserve
Add        Brad Morrison, F                 activated from reserve
Delete     Collin Adams, F                   placed on reserve
Add        Wyllum Deveaux, F            activated from reserve
Delete     Connor Doherty, D              placed on reserve
Delete     Ethan Ritchie, D                  recalled by Providence
Add        Brandon Osmundson, F      activated from reserve
Delete     Justin Young, F                    placed on reserve
Rapid City:          
Add        Mark Duarte, F                     assigned by Calgary (AHL)
Delete     Ty Enns, F                             placed on reserve
Delete     Jason Pawloski, G               placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/21)
Add        Marc-Antoine Pepin, D      activated from reserve
Delete     Anthony Beauregard, F      placed on reserve
Delete     Davis Codd, F                      placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/21)
Add        Cory Thomas, D                  activated from reserve
Delete     Cody Caron, F                      placed on reserve
Add        Trevor Gorsuch, G              activated from Injured Reserve
Add        Aaron Miller, F                    activated from reserve
Delete     Nick Nardella, F                  placed on reserve
Add        Todd Goehring, F                activated from reserve
Delete     Zach White, F                       placed on reserve

The #ECHL Christmas Waiver/Trade Freeze is now in effect until 12 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 27. 

Players may not be waived or traded during this period, however, all other roster transactions are permitted.

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