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ECHL Transactions - Jan. 7

Sunday, January 7th
ECHL transactions text with Bellevue University logo and today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Sunday, January 7, 2024:
CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):
Michael McNiven, G
Ross Olsson, F

Add        Ryan Wheeler, D                 activated from Injured Reserve
Add        Shane Harper, F                   activated from reserve
Add        Yushiroh Hirano, F             activated from reserve
Delete     Darian Skeoch, D                placed on reserve
Delete     Jeremy Brodeur, G              placed on reserve
Delete     Jace Isley, F                          recalled by Utica
Fort Wayne:        
Add        Taylor Brierley, D               activated from reserve
Delete     Mackenzie Dwyer, D          placed on reserve
Add        Mark Louis, D                      activated from reserve
Delete     Jacob Modry, D                   placed on reserve
Add        Justin Michaelian, F            activated from Injured Reserve
Add        Jerry D’Amigo, F                activated from reserve
Delete     Matt Iacopelli, F                  placed on reserve
Add        Francois Brassard, G           activated from reserve
Add        Alex Sheehy, D                    activated from reserve
Delete     Kyle Keyser, G                    placed on reserve
Delete     Jimmy Lambert, F               placed on reserve
Add        Matt Brassard, D                  activated from reserve
Add        Alex Koopmeiners, F          activated from reserve
Delete     Brennan Kapcheck, D         placed on reserve
Delete     Cory Dennis, D                    placed on reserve
Add        James Melindy, D                activated from Injured Reserve [1/6]
Delete     Matt Brassard, D                  placed on reserve [1/6]
Delete     Marc-Andre Gaudet, D       recalled to Springfield by St. Louis
Rapid City:          
Add        Grayson Valente, D             signed contract, added to active roster
Add        Jan Bednar, G                       activated from reserve
Delete     Rylan Parenteau, G             placed on reserve
Add        Jamie Rome, F                     activated from reserve
Delete     Nick Fea, F                           placed on reserve
Add        Kaden Fulcher, G                activated from reserve
Delete     Josh Boyko, G                      placed on reserve

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