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ECHL Transactions - Feb. 15

Thursday, February 15th
ECHL transactions with Bellevue University logo and today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Thursday, February 15, 2024:
CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):
Weiland Parrish, F
Cameron Cook, F from Adirondack
Add        Colin Felix, D                       assigned by Utica
Add        Timur Ibragimov, F             assigned by Utica
Add        Michael Gillespie, F            activated from Injured Reserve
Add        Vinnie Purpura, G               activated from reserve
Delete     Ryan Orgel, D                      placed on reserve
Delete     Tyler Brennan, G                 placed on reserve
Delete     Nicholas Blachman, F        placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/11)
Add        Dalton Skelly, D                  activated from reserve
Delete     Solag Bakich, F                    placed on reserve
Delete     Brandon Schultz, F              suspended by team, removed from roster (a.m.)
Delete     Jamie Rome, F                     traded to Wheeling
Fort Wayne:        
Delete     Carl Berglund, F                  recalled to Bakersfield by Edmonton
Add        Jake Stevens, D                    added to active roster (claimed from Orlando)
Add        Parker AuCoin, F                 signed contract, added to active roster
Add        Lincoln Erne, D                   activated from reserve
Delete     Wade Murphy, F                  placed on reserve
Delete     Jared Moe, G                        loaned to Tucson
Delete     Cody Haiskanen, D             loaned to San Jose (AHL)
Delete     Louis Boudon, F                  recalled by Iowa (AHL)
Add        Reece Harsch, D                  added to active roster (traded from Cincinnati)
Delete     Mackenzie Dwyer, D          placed on reserve
Delete     Michael Houser, G              placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/8)
Add        Jack Olmstead, F                 signed contract, added to active roster
Kansas City:        
Add        Tucker Robertson, F           assigned from Coachella Valley by Seattle
Delete     Dillon Kelley, G                  placed on reserve
Add        Fedor Gordeev, D                signed contract, added to active roster
Delete     Fedor Gordeev, D                placed on reserve
Delete     Brad Arvanitis, G                placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/3)
Delete     Luke Cavallin, G                 recalled by Toronto (AHL) [2/14]
Add        Mark Liwiski, F                   assigned by Manitoba
Add        Brandon Daigle, G              added as EBUG
Rapid City:          
Delete     Brandon Yeamans, F          placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/5)
Delete     Keoni Texeira, D                 loaned to San Jose (AHL)
Add        Zsombor Garat, D                activated from Injured Reserve
Add        Zach White, F                       activated from reserve
Delete     Andrei Bakanov, F              placed on reserve
Delete     Ryan Verrier, D                   placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/13)

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