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ECHL Transactions - March 18

Monday, March 18th
ECHL transactions text with Bellevue University logo and today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Monday, March 18, 2024:
CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):
Jordan DiCicco, D
Ryan Orgel, D
Griffen Fox, F
Max Johnson, F
Evan Boucher, F
Jonathan Bendorf, F
Jimmy Lodge, F
Jared Power, F
Jake Goldowski, F

Add        Mike Van Unen, D              signed contract, added to active roster
Add        Isaac Poulter, G                    assigned from Utica by New Jersey
Add        Jackson van de Leest, D     returned from loan to Utica
Add        Connor Blake, D                  added to active roster (claimed from Idaho)
Delete     Bray Crowder, D                 placed on reserve
Delete     Tyler Brennan, G                 placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/10)
Delete     Brandon Puricelli, F            traded to Jacksonville
Add        Evan Cormier, G                  assigned by Florida (NHL)
Add        Dustyn McFaul, D               signed contract, added to active roster
Delete     Dustyn McFaul, D               placed on reserve
Delete     Riese Zmolek, D                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/16)
Delete     Nick Vilardo, G                   released as EBUG
Delete     Ryan Francis, F                    recalled by Ontario
Add        Peyton Jones, G                   returned from loan to Iowa (AHL)
Add        Brett Budgell, F                   assigned by Iowa (AHL)
Add        Joe Murdaca, G                    activated from reserve
Delete     Michael Houser, G              recalled by Rochester
Delete     Brendan Harris, F                                loaned to Cleveland
Add        Brian Chambers, F              signed contract, added to active roster
Delete     Brian Chambers, F              placed on reserve
Kansas City:        
Delete     Nolan Walker, F                  loaned to Cleveland
Add        Brandon Osmundson, F      activated from reserve
Add        Evan Fitzpatrick, G             assigned by Syracuse
Add        Kevin Lombardi, F              assigned by Syracuse
Add        Avery Winslow, D              activated from reserve
Add        Spencer Kersten, F              activated from reserve
Delete     Ryan Mahshie, F                  placed on reserve
Delete     Chays Ruddy, D                   placed on reserve
Rapid City:          
Delete     James Hardie, F                   traded to Allen
South Carolina: 
Add        Reid Cooper, G                    returned from bereavement/family leave
Add        Jon McDonald, D                activated from reserve
Delete     Reid Cooper, G                    placed on reserve
Delete     Bryce Montgomery, D        placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/17)
Add        Benjamin Tupker, F            signed contract, added to active roster
Delete     Lukash Matthews, D           placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/17)
Add        Kyle Crnkovic, F                 assigned by San Diego
Add        Eddie Matsushima, F          assigned by San Diego
Add        Jarrett Fiske, G                     signed contract, added to active roster
Delete     Dante Giannuzzi, G             placed on reserve
Delete     Keoni Texeira, D                 placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/12)
Add        Austin Heidemann, F          signed contract, added to active roster
Add        Michael Gildon, F               signed contract, added to active roster
Delete     Michael Gildon, F               placed on reserve
Delete     Zach White, F                       placed on reserve
Delete     Christian Krygier, D           placed on bereavement/family leave

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