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ECHL Transactions - March 23

Saturday, March 23rd
ECHL transactions text with Bellevue University logo and today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, March 23, 2024:
CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):
Mike Ferraro, F

Add        Andre Ghantous, F              returned from loan to Utica
Delete     Isaac Poulter, G                    recalled to Utica by New Jersey
Add        Easton Brodzinski, F           activated from reserve
Delete     Filip Forsmark, F                 placed on reserve
Add        Kieran Craig, F                    added to active roster (traded from Florida)
Add        Luke Santerno, F                 added to active roster (traded from Florida)
Delete     Nick Isaacson, F                  activated from reserve
Delete     Rylan Parenteau, G             placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/9)
Delete     Ole Julian Bjorgvik-Holm, D            recalled to Cleveland by Columbus
Fort Wayne:        
Add        Stanislav Demin, D             added to active roster (traded from Florida)
Add        Chad Veltri, G                      added as EBUG
Delete     Nolan Volcan, F                   placed on reserve
Delete     Mitch Andres, D                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/16)
Delete     Ryan Fanti, G                       recalled to Bakersfield by Edmonton
Add        Romain Rodzinski, D          activated from reserve
Delete     Demetrios Koumontzis, F  placed on reserve
Delete     Ben Zloty, D                         placed on reserve
Delete     Jared Moe, G                        placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/21)
Add        Victor Hadfield, D               activated from Injured Reserve
Delete     Cam Bakker, D                    placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/23)
Add        Matt Brassard, D                  added to active roster (traded from Newfoundland)
Delete     Kyle Masters, D                   placed on reserve
Add        Lincoln Erne, D                   added to active roster (traded from Idaho)
Add        Olivier Nadeau, F                                assigned from Rochester by Buffalo
Delete     Garret Cockerill, D              placed on reserve
Delete     Craig Martin, F                    placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/18)
Delete     Sean Leonard, D                  placed on Injured Reserve (effective 3/23)
Add        Ryan Mast, D                       assigned from Providence by Boston
Add        Kyle Keyser, G                    activated from reserve
Delete     Nathan Noel, F                     placed on reserve
Delete     Brad Arvanitis, G                placed on reserve
Add        Owen Norton, D                  activated from reserve
Delete     Nolan Dillingham, D           placed on reserve
Add        Connor Fedorek, D              activated from reserve
Add        Brandon Osmundson, F      activated from reserve
Delete     Kamerin Nault, F                 placed on reserve
Delete     Dakota Krebs, D                  placed on reserve
Rapid City:          
Add        Garrett Klotz, F                    activated from reserve
Delete     Billy Constantinou, D         placed on reserve
Add        Kenny Johnson, D               activated from reserve
Delete     Dajon Mingo, D                   placed on reserve
Add        Alex Swetlikoff, F               activated from reserve
Delete     Patrick Guay, F                    recalled by Henderson
South Carolina: 
Add        Spencer Meier, D                 activated from reserve
Delete     Marko Reifenberger, F       placed on reserve
Add        Strauss Mann, G                  activated from reserve
Delete     Zachary Emond, G              placed on reserve
Add        Austin Albrecht, F               added to active roster (traded from Maine)
Delete     Austin Albrecht, F               placed on reserve
Add        Dante Giannuzzi, G             activated from reserve
Delete     Jarrett Fiske, G                     placed on reserve
Add        Mason Klee, D                     activated from reserve
Delete     Joey Cipollone, F                 placed on reserve

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