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ECHL Transactions - March 9

Saturday, March 9th
ECHL transactions text with Bellevue University logo and today's date
Following are the ECHL transactions for Saturday, March 9, 2024:

CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):


Fort Wayne:

​Jaxon Camp, D

​Keenan MacIsaac, D



​Zane Schartz, D



Jeremiah Addison, F





Add​Jeremy Brodeur, G​activated from reserve

​Add​Shane Harper, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Filip Engaras, F​recalled by Utica 



​Add​Jordan-Ty Fournier, F​activated from Injured Reserve


Fort Wayne:​

Add​Connor Corcoran, D​assigned by Bakersfield

​Add​Martin Has, D​activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​Shawn Szydlowski, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Taylor Brierley, D​placed on reserve

​Delete​Brogan O’Brien, F​placed on reserve



Add​Nicholas Canade, D​activated from reserve

​Add​Lincoln Erne, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jade Miller, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Connor Blake, D​placed on reserve



Add​Noah Laaouan, D​assigned by Rochester 

​Delete​Reece Harsch, D​placed on reserve

​Delete​Mackenzie Dwyer, D​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 2/22)



Add​Jack Olmstead, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jay Keranen, D​placed on reserve



Add​Garrett Devine, F​signed contract, added to active roster

​Add​Kyle Keyser, G​activated from reserve

​Add​Jason Horvath, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jimmy Lambert, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Brad Arvanitis, G​placed on reserve

​Delete​Ryan Mast, D​recalled to Providence by Boston 

​Delete​Curtis Hall, F​recalled to Providence by Boston 



Add​Keegan Iverson, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Denis Smirnov, F​placed on reserve



​Delete​Tag Bertuzzi, F​loaned to Belleville 


South Carolina:​

Add​Nick Vilardo, G​added as EBUG

​Add​Bryce Montgomery, D​activated from reserve

​Add​Spencer Meier, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jacob Hudson, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Jackson Leppard, F​placed on reserve



​Add​Strauss Mann, G​assigned by Laval 

​Add​Markuss Komuls, D​activated from reserve

​Add​Charles-Antoine Paiement, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Parker Saretsky, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Miguel Tourigny, D​placed on reserve

​Delete​Zachary Emond, G​placed on bereavement/family leave



Delete​Jimmy Lodge, F​placed on reserve



Add​Brandon Saigeon, F​activated from reserve


​Delete​Ryan Finnegan, F​placed on reserve

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