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ECHL/PHPA Sports Betting Regulations



1.1.           Integrity and Public Confidence in the League

In all cases involving the integrity of Ice Hockey and public confidence in the League, Prohibited Conduct for all Covered Persons is subject to the Commissioner's decision under this Section and shall be final and not subject to any review.


1.2.           Definition of Ice Hockey

“Ice Hockey” shall mean any sanctioned, unsanctioned, regulated, unregulated, professional or amateur contact sport or event in which two teams of skaters compete on ice by attempting to shoot a puck into the opponent’s goal. Ice Hockey shall include fantasy sports contests whether in real world performance or the virtual performance of athletes regardless of the time frame of such contests. Without limiting the generality of the above definition, Ice Hockey includes League games.


1.3.           Prohibition of Betting

Players, Related Entities, coaching staff, medical personnel, trainers, referees, and any other persons that work as an employee or consultant for the League or a Member (“Covered Persons”) shall not bet anything of value on, nor improperly attempt to influence or manipulate any aspect, detail, or outcome of an Ice Hockey game in the United States, Canada, or anywhere in the world (“Prohibited Conduct”). Without limiting the Prohibited Conduct as defined herein, Covered Persons may not influence, manipulate, attempt to influence or manipulate, or request or instruct others to influence or manipulate any League game or other Ice Hockey competitions in any way. There is no prohibition on Covered Persons betting on legal fantasy sports contests on any sport other than Ice Hockey.


1.3.1 Limited Exception to the General Rule Regarding Fantasy Sports Contests on Ice Hockey

Covered Persons may not engage in any fantasy sports contest related to League games. Covered Persons may engage in legal season-long fantasy sports contests related to Ice Hockey competitions provided that the cumulative prize value received by the Covered Person does not exceed $250 from the fantasy sports contest related to Ice Hockey. Covered Persons may not participate in any “daily” or other similar short duration fantasy sports contest related to Ice Hockey that offers any prize, regardless of value.    


1.4.           Prohibition is All Inclusive

Covered Persons shall not engage or attempt to engage, nor instruct, ask, permit, cause, or assist other individuals or entities to engage or attempt to engage in Prohibited Conduct.


1.5.           Sports Betting Endorsements and Services Prohibition

Covered Persons may not provide services or endorsements to any third party that is engaged in the business of sports betting on Ice Hockey. This prohibition shall apply to the offering of betting advice or tips and the promotion of betting products using a Covered Person’s name, image, or likeness.


1.6.           Obligation to Report

Covered Persons must report known or suspected violations of the prohibition against betting on Ice Hockey games to the League by completing the form at ECHL.com/integrity. The League will immediately forward any such reports to the PHPA. The Commissioner will determine if the report justifies further investigation. All Covered Persons must cooperate with a League investigation of suspected or alleged violations of the prohibition of betting on Ice Hockey conducted by the Commissioner.

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