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2020-21 ECHL Team Capsules

Monday, December 7th
2020-21 ECHL Team Capsules


Location: Allen, Texas

Arena (Capacity): Allen Event Center (6,200)

Coach: Steve Martinson, Seventh Season with Allen, 12th Season in ECHL (438-254-90)

NHL Affiliate: Minnesota Wild

AHL Affiliate: Iowa Wild

2019-20 in review

Record: 40-14-8, 88 points

Division Finish: 1st, Mountain

Overall ECHL Finish: 3rd

Goals Per Game (Rank): 3.98 (2nd)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 3.15 (13th)

Power Play (Rank): 18.5% (9th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 81.4% (T14th)


Location: Estero, Florida

Arena (Capacity): Hertz Arena (7,186)

Coach: Brad Ralph, Fifth Season with Florida, Eighth Season in ECHL (324-127-43)

NHL Affiliate: Nashville Predators

AHL Affiliate: Milwaukee Admirals

2019-20 in review

Record: 43-13-6, 92 points

Division Finish: 2nd, South

Overall ECHL Finish: 2nd

Goals Per Game (Rank): 3.66 (5th)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 2.52 (2nd)

Power Play (Rank): 14.2% (25th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 80.7% (19th)


Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Arena (Capacity): Bon Secours Wellness Arena (7,044)

Coach: Andrew Lord, First Season

NHL Affiliate: Florida Panthers

AHL Affiliate: Charlotte Checkers

2019-20 in review

Record: 29-30-5, 63 points

Division Finish: 3rd, South

Overall ECHL Finish: 16th

Goals Per Game (Rank): 3.28 (10th)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 3.53 (19th)

Power Play (Rank): 16.0% (18th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 81.7% (13th)


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Arena (Capacity): Indiana Farmers Coliseum (6,145)

Coach: Doug Christiansen, Second Season with Indy, Third Season in ECHL (69-55-8)

NHL Affiliate: Chicago Blackhawks

AHL Affiliate: Rockford IceHogs

2019-20 in review

Record: 30-26-4, 64 points

Division Finish: 4th, Central

Overall ECHL Finish: 14th

Goals Per Game (Rank): 3.25 (12th)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 2.92 (8th)

Power Play (Rank): 20.3% (5th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 80.1% (20th)


Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Arena (Capacity): Veterans Memorial Arena (8,500)

Coach: Jason Christie, Fourth Season with Jacksonville, 18th Season in ECHL (633-449-129)

NHL Affiliate: Winnipeg Jets

AHL Affiliate: Manitoba Moose

2019-20 in review

Record: 24-29-7, 55 points

Division Finish: 6th, South

Overall ECHL Finish: 21st

Goals Per Game (Rank): 2.88 (20th)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 3.43 (16th)

Power Play (Rank): 17.6% (13th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 82.7% (11th)


Location: Independence, Missouri

Arena (Capacity): Cable Dahmer Arena (5,800)

Coach: Tad O’Had, First Season

NHL Affiliate: Calgary Flames

AHL Affiliate: Stockton Heat

2019-20 in review

Record: 24-32-5, 53 points

Division Finish: 7th, Mountain

Overall ECHL Finish: 24th

Goals Per Game (Rank): 2.74 (T23rd)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 3.56 (21st)

Power Play (Rank): 15.3% (T21st)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 81.3% (16th)


Location: Orlando, Florida

Arena (Capacity): Amway Center (9,049)

Coach: Drake Berehowsky, Sixth Season (160-1142-37)

NHL Affiliate: Tampa Bay Lightning

AHL Affiliate: Syracuse Crunch

2019-20 in review

Record: 27-29-6, 60 points

Division Finish: 5th, South

Overall ECHL Finish: 18th

Goals Per Game (Rank): 2.74 (T23rd)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 2.90 (7th)

Power Play (Rank): 15.3% (T21st)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 85.7% (4th)


Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

Arena (Capacity): Rushmore Plaza Civic Center (5,119)

Coach: Daniel Tetrault, Fourth Season (84-99-21)

NHL Affiliate: Arizona Coyotes

AHL Affiliate: Tucson Roadrunners

2019-20 in review

Record: 29-25-6, 64 points

Division Finish: 5th, Mountain

Overall ECHL Finish: 15th

Goals Per Game (Rank): 3.02 (17th)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 3.33 (15th)

Power Play (Rank): 16.7% (16th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 83.7% (T6th)


Location: North Charleston, South Carolina

Arena (Capacity): North Charleston Coliseum (7,250)

Coach: Ryan Blair, First Season

NHL Affiliate: Washington Capitals

AHL Affiliate: Hershey Bears

2019-20 in review

Record: 44-14-4, 92 points

Division Finish: 1st, South      

Overall ECHL Finish: 1st

Goals Per Game (Rank): 3.48 (8th)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 2.37 (1st)

Power Play (Rank): 16.5% (17th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 87.6% (3rd)


Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Arena (Capacity): BOK Center (17,096)

Coach: Rob Murray, Fourth Season with Tulsa, 10th Season in ECHL (333-229-76)

NHL Affiliate: Anaheim Ducks

AHL Affiliate: San Diego Gulls

2018-19 in review

Record: 29-26-8, 66 points

Division Finish: 4th, Mountain

Overall ECHL Finish: 13th

Goals Per Game (Rank): 3.16 (14th)a

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 3.11 (12th)

Power Play (Rank): 15.6% (19th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 83.2% (10th)


Location: West Valley City, Utah

Arena (Capacity): Maverik Center (10,207)

Coach: Tim Branham, Eighth Season (249-179-65)

NHL Affiliate: Colorado Avalanche

AHL Affiliate: Colorado Eagles

2019-20 in review

Record: 34-17-11, 79 points                                                               

Division Finish: 3rd, Mountain

Overall ECHL Finish: 9th

Goals Per Game (Rank): 3.34 (9th)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 2.65 (5th)

Power Play (Rank): 19.3% (8th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 83.5% (9th)


Location: Wheeling, West Virginia

Arena (Capacity): WesBanco Arena (5,200)

Coach: Mark French, First Season

NHL Affiliate: Pittsburgh Penguins

AHL Affiliate: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

2019-20 in review

Record: 24-30-5, 53 points

Division Finish: 6th, North

Overall ECHL Finish: 23rd

Goals Per Game (Rank): 2.76 (21st)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 3.49 (18th)

Power Play (Rank): 15.1% (23rd)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 81.2% (17th)


Location: Wichita, Kansas

Arena (Capacity): INTRUST Bank Arena (13,400)

Coach: Bruce Ramsay, Second Season with Wichita, Third Season in ECHL (61-59-14)

NHL Affiliate: Edmonton Oilers

AHL Affiliate: Bakersfield Condors

2019-20 in review

Record: 24-30-8, 56 points

Division Finish: 6th, Mountain

Overall ECHL Finish: 20th

Goals Per Game (Rank): 2.92 (19th)

Goals-Against Average (Rank): 3.76 (22nd)

Power Play (Rank): 17.9% (11th)

Penalty Killing (Rank): 76.8% (25th)

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