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ECHL Transactions - Jan. 12

Friday, January 12th
ECHL transactions text with Bellevue University logo and today's date

Following are the ECHL transactions for Friday, January 12, 2024:

CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):



Jared Power, F



​Add​Joshua Messick, G​added as EBUG

​Add​Johnny Walker, F​activated from Injured Reserve

​Delete​Brandon Puricelli, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Mark Sinclair, G​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 1/8)

​Delete​Leevi Merilainen, G​recalled to Belleville by Ottawa 


Add​Jay Powell, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Mitch Fossier, F​loaned to San Jose (AHL) 


Add​Joe Masonius, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Landon Cato, D​placed on reserve


Add​Oliver Chau, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jordan Sambrook, D​placed on reserve


Fort Wayne:​
Add​Dajon Mingo, D​signed contract, added to active roster

​Add​Noah Ganske, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jack Gorniak, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Taylor Brierley, D​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 1/11)


Add​Jared Moe, G​returned from loan to Texas 

​Delete​David Tendeck, G​placed on reserve


Add​Cam Bakker, D​activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​Jon Martin, F​activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​Brandon Schultz, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jordan Martin, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Ryan Gagnier, F​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 1/11)


Add​Jacob Panetta, D​activated from Injured Reserve

​Add​Matt Iacopelli, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Luc Brown, F​placed on reserve


Add​Luke Morgan, F​activated from Injured Reserve

​Delete​Jay Keranen, D​placed on reserve


Kansas City:​
Add​Jordan Stallard, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jared Brandt, D​placed on reserve


​Add​Scott Kirton, F​signed contract, added to active roster

​Add​Chase Zieky, F​activated from Injured Reserve

​Delete​Quinn Ryan, F​suspended by team 


Add​Mariah Fujimagari, G​added as EBUG

​Add​Owen Norton, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Justin Robidas, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Yaniv Perets, G​recalled by Carolina


Add​Tyson Feist, D​assigned by Chicago (AHL) 

​Add​Trevor Thurston, D​activated from reserve

​Add​Carson MacKinnon, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jake Stevens, D​placed on reserve

​Delete​Chays Ruddy, D​placed on reserve


Rapid City:​
Add​Danny Battochio, G​added as EBUG

​Delete​Jason Pawloski, G​placed on reserve


Add​Blake Evennou, D​activated from reserve

​Add​Austin Master, F​activated from reserve


Add​Michael McNiven, G​signed contract, added to active roster

Add​Brendan Soucie, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Mike Ferraro, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Alex Swetlikoff, F​recalled by Henderson (a.m.)

​Delete​Jesper Vikman, G​recalled to Henderson by Vegas 


South Carolina:​
Add​Mitchell Gibson, G​assigned from Hershey by Washington 

​Add​Jarid Lukosevicius, F​returned from loan to Belleville 

​Delete​Patrick Harper, F​placed on reserve

​Delete​Garin Bjorklund, G​placed on reserve

​Delete​Jonny Evans, F​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/31)

​Delete​Josh Thrower, D​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/31)


Add​Adrien Beraldo, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Darian Pilon, F​placed on reserve


Add​Rylan Parenteau, G​added to active roster (traded from Toledo)

​Add​Nolan Yaremko, F​assigned by Laval 

​Add​Jakov Novak, F​assigned by Laval 

​Add​Alex-Olivier Voyer, F​assigned by Laval 

​Delete​Marc-Antoine Pepin, D​placed on reserve

Delete​Joe Vrbetic, G​placed on reserve

​Delete​Maxime Trepanier, F​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 12/31)


Add​Zane Schartz, D​signed contract, added to active roster


Add​Sebastian Dirven, D​activated from reserve

​Delete​Jarrett Lee, F​placed on reserve


Add​Shane Kuzmeski, D​added to active roster (traded from Florida)

​Add​Kelly Bent, F​activated from reserve

​Delete​Devon Becker, D​placed on reserve

​Delete​Trevor Gorsuch, G​placed on Injured Reserve (effective 1/7)


Add​Drew Benidict, G​added as EBUG (a.m.)

​Delete​Drew Benidict, G​released as EBUG (p.m.)



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